we all have our special ones
drink responsibly

world economy depends
on massive celebrations

for the holidays
we must get together
- before they are over

ancient feelings
days will get longer again



Ričardas said...

good tanka... we could survive with less economy but then - less celebrations :( For some this means end of the world, for other -more time... to celebrate life

USpace said...

Ricardas, thanks, you are right of course. Here, in the 2nd one, I'm mostly commenting on how people always scramble around to see everybody they can 'before' the holidays end. As though, otherwise we might never see them again.

I think this behavior is an instinct deeply ingrained and has ancient origins in humans being afraid of, and alarmed by, the daylight getting shorter and shorter; and then they would start getting longer and people would celebrate because the world had not ended.

The time period in which humans have known the truth of this is just a blip in the time line of the Human Race.