Lying down...


lying down
looking out window
- the moon is full



christian soldier said...

Thank you for your encouragement!
I hesitated using the blog avenue because it was "foreign territory".
The use of it is helping me "like" commputers.
Gates of Vienna and M.Malkin are on my "favorites" roll.

The black background of your USPACE and your Poems (haiku and et. al.) are awesome.
I'm adding yours to my favorites!

Christian Soldier

USpace said...

You're very welcome Christian Soldier, thanks for stopping by. GoV and MM are some of my big favorites too. And thanks for linking me, let me know when its up and I'll link you back.


To Set up a link list:

Just click 'customize' to get to 'Layout', then 'Add a Page Element', and for 'Link List' click 'Add to Blog', and then just add the Title and then the URL and the Site Name, and then Save it. Voile!

Have fun!