Girl slipping...


girl slipping
by curb outside nightclub
- lands in puke



Ričardas said...

oops, smelly one. I know, haiku is too short to describe the scene afterwards...

USpace said...

Lol, thanks, I'm sure it was quite smelly. This happened years ago when I lived in San Fran.

I was standing outside the famous Mabuhay Gardens at closing time when I noticed a guy sitting on the curb looking very wasted and a girl was approaching walking in the street along the curb towards the wasted one. At just the precise moment that the girl arrived in front of him, she looked away for a moment while taking a step.

That's when the guy barfed and she just stepped in it, and then she slipped and came crashing down right in the middle of the gooey, sticky, smelly mess.

I'm sure it was a once-in-a lifetime kind of thing for the two of them and for us lucky witnesses.

Maybe I'll expand this into a Tanka someday.