Mother and young son...


mother and young son
frolic with the dolphins
- magical Christmas

dolphins circle the shallows
where the humans stand amazed


Outlaw Christmas...


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw Christmas

don't upset atheists
makes them question their faith

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
Christmas celebrations

leads to Muslim apostates
who then get death threats

we all have our special ones
drink responsibly

world economy depends
on massive celebrations

for the holidays
we must get together
- before they are over

ancient feelings
days will get longer again


Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Apostates of Islam


The Dentist's Chair


While sitting in the dentist’s chair,
It just seemed so very unfair;
The doctor had no more gas,
So time would not easily pass,
And this gave me quite a big scare.


This and the previous prompted by Mad Kane.

If You Were President?

. . .

If you were President
in the big White House
with the big metal fence
you would be the resident.

If you were President
you would give big speeches
could eat the best peaches
and you wouldn't pay rent.

If you were President
men would persuade you
and dissuade you
try to shape your intent.

Like with all Presidents
men would lie for you
and die for you
and make your arguments.

If you were President
people would listen to you
clap and cheer for you
but some would dissent.

As with all Presidents
men would shill for you
and kill for you
apprise you of developments.

If you were President
men would blame you
and try to shame you
when caught in an incident.

If you were President
people would hear you
many would fear you
and what you represent.

If you were President
it would tend to seem unreal
no matter how you'd feel
you'd still be President...

. . .

Halloween on Friday


city streets jam late
Halloween on Friday
wild costumes all night

urban ghouls and goblins
try to stay out of trouble


Fax Paper SPAM Waste


junk faxes paper -
say 12 per day per machine

total worldwide equals more
than ONE BILLION sheets per DAY

500 sheets per
2,000,000 reams, 10 per box

20 per skid, 10,000
skids, 500 trucks PER DAY

10,000 sheets per
tree, is 100,000
trees per day you see

260 weekdays
26,000,000 PER YEAR

average pulp tree
440 per
acre, just about

60,000 acres per


Last posted at Zen Haiku

Eternal source...


eternal source
from which everything comes
- someday returns

mother of ten thousand things
some folks call it The Tao


Bringing Peter Over (A Dream)


About six months after his death
my late friend's widow had a dream:

Kevin is sitting out front in his car,
apparently waiting for someone...

Then, someone having gotten in,
the car drives off with two people inside.

The next morning she learns
that his favorite uncle Petey
has joined him
in the next world...


You have NO rights...


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
you have NO rights

to pursue your happiness
or to run your own life


Bets on tomorrow...


bets on tomorrow
hands screaming signaling bids
battling crude pits

buying and selling all day
supply collides with demand


More and more paintings...


more and more paintings
required bigger houses -
more walls to hang them

paintings are made to be seen
not hidden away in vaults




Hey young Grads
good show I say
you've done it now
you showed us how

You had some good times
You made some good friends
now some will go off
to do it again

So good luck in college
You can do it
Have a real wild time
but don't over do it

Try to make friends fast
many of the early ones
will be the ones
who last

Unless you love
to get up early
don't schedule your classes
way too early

And try to get to class
as much as you can
you'll be glad you did
then you'll deserve a cold can

But try not to party
too much before class
you'll more likely attend
and you won't be an ass

If you fail the easy Calc
don't take the harder one
just keep your eye on the ball
between all the fun

You'll be entering
sort of a fantasy land
of reading, writing, and thinking
with those who can lend a hand

So, do your best with grades
but at least finish the task
and soon another graduation
will come at last...


and HAVE FUN!!!


Hate To Hate


Don't be late
to hate to hate
fate is fate
the greater great

To paraphrase
a Senate bureaucrat
whose foot got stuck
in his mouth so fat

I hate dictatorish acts
but not dictators
I hate torturous acts
but not the torturers

I hate the murderers' acts
but not the murderers?
I hate the rise in rapings facts
so can't I hate the rapers?

And why not the dictators?
How about the torturers?
Consider the murderers?
But not the daily papers?

Sure, love is much bigger
and better than hate
but not when one
loves to hate

But I'm not sorry because it's right
to dislike say Hitler extremely
and that's a definition
of hate from the dictionary

Is there no such thing as evil
in women or in men?
And is evil left un-hated
free to be again?