Halloween on Friday


city streets jam late
Halloween on Friday
wild costumes all night

urban ghouls and goblins
try to stay out of trouble


Fax Paper SPAM Waste


junk faxes paper -
say 12 per day per machine

total worldwide equals more
than ONE BILLION sheets per DAY

500 sheets per
2,000,000 reams, 10 per box

20 per skid, 10,000
skids, 500 trucks PER DAY

10,000 sheets per
tree, is 100,000
trees per day you see

260 weekdays
26,000,000 PER YEAR

average pulp tree
440 per
acre, just about

60,000 acres per


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Eternal source...


eternal source
from which everything comes
- someday returns

mother of ten thousand things
some folks call it The Tao