In the bell jar...


in the bell jar
flying around a small space
- fireflies trapped



kouji | haiku said...

reminds me of grave of the fireflies. sad film.

christian soldier said...

I love poetry because it expands thought--
I see the firefly as humans with light to give - but-without freedom - the light is trapped in an elite's bottle...
So good of you to visit-my first 'blog' encourager! Thank you-again.

USpace said...

Kouji, thanks, I will google that film.

C-CS, Thank you, and you're most welcome, I love that you get that image from this. It's great that poems and songs can mean different things to people.

This was just an image from my youth that I remembered while reading all the comments to that great 'Firefly' poem over at TinyWords, the last haiku posted there.

lovely firefly poem -
hopefully not the last
at tiny words