With the bread gone...


with the bread gone
the ducks swim away
- the boy feels used


Inspired at:
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Catnapping said...

I remember years ago, when my late husband was stationed at Camp LeJeune, there were some domestic ducks living in our neighborhood, white ducks with the exception of one who was multicoloured (part mallard?)

The other ducks were mean to her. They would crowd her away from food. So I used to make a point of feeding her first, or feeding her when they weren't around...she got bolder, and eventually allowed me to pick her up. I would feed her cornmeal...cooked cornmeal.

Well, she had her babies out of season. I'm told this happens a lot with ostracized ducks. She brought them by for me to meet. I got to pet them. It was wonderful.

USpace said...

Wow! Amazing story, really magical, thanks for sharing it. It made me misty, it really did. Thanks for inspiring the following also.


special friendship -
woman feeds bullied duck
and later pets her kids