Man kneels at church gates...


man kneels at church gates
drinks from brown bag
- salvation



christian soldier said...

I do miss you!

Captain USpace said...

Hey, thanks C-CS, I miss you too. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but work is nuts these days. The rest of the time online I'm usually watching Twitter.

You should try to tweet again, you're missing a lot of fun and like-minded people.

I'll teach you everything, you'll pick it up, but you must start by following people. Try to follow at least 50-100 right off the bat, give you a slightly diverse Twitter stream. Start with the people you know like GatewayPundit, AtlasShrugs, VelvetHammer, MichelleMalkin, Gates of Vienna, Breitbart, AmericanThinker, Allahpundit, etc...