Christmas Tree is back...


Christmas Tree is back
in the park downtown
- tis the season



christian soldier said...

US-are they really using the words CHRISTmas tree?!!
I went to your twittersite as per your instructions... ---what does one use as one's 'full name'?
It is time for me to start Twitter-ing...

USpace said...

They will use the term 'Christmas Tree' until they are arrested for doing so.

You can basically put anything in on Twitter, you can change it too, as long as no one else has your User name. For example, for my name I use: USpace, but it was taken as a user name, so I made mine: USpace123

I'm pretty sure you're really going to like it. I'll introduce you to some great patriots.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and most Happy New Year!