Talk - Discuss - Debate


at daycare
four toddlers talk
- about tornadoes

in grade school -
ten-year-olds discuss
global warming

high school kids
debate climate change
- leads to ridicule


Great Global Warming


christian soldier said...

took your advice-
just signed up for twitter....
went to you twitter site-
don't have a clue as to what to do :-)
Hey-that rhymes!!!

USpace said...

@carolsblog123: Yey Carol! Congratulations on taking the Twitter plunge! It's time for your first Tweet!

Just log in, go to your home page, you will see tons of my Tweets because you are only following me; then type a little message in the box and then click 'update'. Then click 'profile' and you will see your tweet on your 'timeline'.

On your Home Page click 'Direct Messages' and you will see the above tweet which I sent, and then sent it to you as a 'DM'

Then click 'Find People' and search for, and then start following, Atlas Shrugs, Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, Velvethammer to start with.

The click 'Lists' and read some Patriots tweets, you can click to those Tweeples' timelines and read what they have tweeted, you're in that list. Follow as many as you like.

That will get you started.
I'll teach you and you'll pick it up as you go along. You're gonna have a ball, lots of great patriots. It's been described as both a 'News Funnel', and a 'Cocktail Party'.


christian soldier said...

I may have to sign up again---I don't know where my 'homepage is' ...
I have 'lost' 'one blog' called Rider's was a good one too:-)

So-@carolsblog123 ---how do I get there?
I did get three messages from you on my e-mail via that where I go?
geeees-Honest-I am really not dumb-but ...

USpace said...


Just go here:

You'll get the hang of it, you must do your first tweet!


christian soldier said...

To My Dear Web Tutor-

went to google --put the above into search--NADA!!

What am I doing wrong?

christian soldier said...

Did you receive my first twitter? I think I did it!!!!

USpace said...

YEY, you're 1st tweet was good, you will see what you tweeted on your 'profile' page. To see tweets from those you follow just click 'Home' at the top of the page. Follow a bunch more people, all you can see now are just my tweets.

Go to my lists, look through the 'Patriots' one, follow some.

Under 'settings' at the top, enter your blog URL.

Keep trying, you're almost there.

Check your 'Direct Messages' on your 'Home' page. See inbox/outbox.

Follow AtlasShrugs, Gatewaypundit, MichelleMalkin, Allahpundit, YidwithLid, etc to start...

Twitter is easier than the blog, you can do it.

Someone said that "Twitter is like a news funnel, and a cocktail party".